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-- So hurricane "Dorian" finally came and went like a lamb thru Florida.
And as blessed as we are here, the Grand Bahama Islands took a horrible beating for days.

I believe South Carolina and Charlotte also got some heavier rain and wind then the Florida east coast did.

Waiting in a boarded up house with nowhere to go and nothing open is quite the mental exercise. Your brain slowly turns to mush and you begin to just become somewhat complacent and even when trying to do something creative or even read the distractions are there. And, truth be told, they got the best of me.

-- My car was also hit the on the 27th in a parking lot and I had to deal with the insurance company as they investigated the accident and while they deemed my at no fault, it still was time invested NOT doing art.

Yesterday ( 09-05), was the first day I was back out into the 'real world' so to speak and it consisted of traveling a half hour away to get my vehicle damage looked and and having an adjuster go over the repairs with me.
Not fun... but I now have an appointment for the repairs and for now that's out of the way but will raise it's head again when I need to drop the car off for the work.

-- Taking off the boards from the windows and putting them back in the garage was another task to be done. I had to get some sunlight coming back into the house as cabin fever from the past week began to set in!

-- The building my studio is located in is back open and I'll be getting back in there and best of all, back to work doing art!

-- Another exciting thing is I've decided to block off a section or two for streaming content! YouTube ( Google ) shut down their easy to use "Hangouts" so I'm going to need to learn a new platform to put out live-streams. I've got a few to test and will do so as soon as possible.

-- Literally 7 days of wasted time that I can't get back but will try to make up over time... hang in there with me won't you?



-- Just a short note of the status of the storm, hurricane "Dorian" that is coming Florida's way.

As of now the office I rent my studio in will be closing down today
( as other local businesses ) so that we will be prepared for the
pending storm.

The latest news from the management company is that we will at
the earliest be able to get back into our offices on Thursday,
September 5, 2019.

-- This means all work I've been doing will be on 'hold' until at least then.

-- Hopefully, the storm will pass over and not leave a footprint other than some rain and minor wind damage. Better yet... it will leave no damage in it's passing!

-- Thank you all for understanding the situation at hand.